What is a Supercar? What Makes a Car – Super?

One of the toughest questions when it comes to automotive industries. This is ONE tricky question many people, who aren’t all that much into cars, may ask. The reason why this question is tricky is that the criteria that have to be met for a car to be a supercar change frequently. Sometimes the criteria aren’t all that relevant either, as different people tend to hold different aspects in higher regard. Not less there is now a category that might be above the super-car and that’s the hyper car.

When it comes to cars, it’s almost as if you’re discussing about a beautiful woman. One man may find her perfect, while the other simply doesn’t care for her all that much.

What makes a supercar a supercar?

A supercar is a car that is ”super” in almost every aspect, and it has to be relevant to the present. What we mean is, there are a lot of supercars in the past that simply don’t hold the same title anymore because their beauty, speed, acceleration or anything else has been long surpassed.

The things that matter the most when the matter of it being supercar or not is being discussed are: Design, Top Speed, Acceleration, Rarity, Handling, Power to weight ratio, Style, and Price.

If the car in question checks every feature that we’ve mentioned above, it falls under a supercar category.

Supercars are unmodified cars


SupercarIf you thought that a supercar is a car that has been modified completely so that every aspect of it is boosted to the maximum, you’re completely wrong. A supercar is a car that comes out of a factory brand new and is either mass produced or a part of a limited edition. Supercars are cars that are street-legal and can be driven wherever, whenever. Small modifications can be tolerated, but usually, there are none.

For example, probably one of the most popular supercars ever made is Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Veyron is the fastest car ever made; it can accelerate up to 407 km/h. The style and design are simply breath-taking. It costs around 1.5 million dollars and is a part of a limited edition, made only per request of a buyer.

Guessing whether a car is a supercar

If you have the car in question on a poster on your wall, the chances are that it is a supercar. Most supercars are not just fast, but extraordinarily fast. They are your dream, and they cost a lot of money. You hope to have it all your life and if one day you do, you do not share them with anyone you don’t trust completely.

What makes a super-car a hyper-car

Hypercar sounds like something from the future or from the the Tron movies. But they are very real, mainly created by the marketing teams behind supercar companies. For example the team at Supercarhire.co.uk phrase it as the following – A hypercar is simply a car that costs over 1 Million USD, and cannot be in the same category as a car that costs £50,000 as a result. These cars use technology like its chocolate and make the 0-60 stats look like challenges. There are so many nowadays but the favourites are below.